Truckers Will Run on Biodiesel in Study

Decker Truck Line of Iowa will aid a two-year biodiesel study by using it in 10 trucks.

Decker Truck Line, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, has agreed to aid a two-year biodiesel study by using the fuel in 10 of their trucks.

The study, also partnered by the USDA and Iowa Central Community College, aims to find whether soy biodiesel can play a significant role in the transportation industry. Researchers will compare 10 trucks running on biodiesel to 10 others running on traditional petroleum-based diesel.

The project, called the "2 Million Mile Haul," will be the first to comprehensively study and promote the benefits of soy biodiesel.

"This has a very huge potential, I feel, for our company and many others," says Dale Decker, the company's industry and government relations director.

The study will use a biodiesel mix of 20% soy biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel. Trucks using both biodiesel and traditional diesel will run identical routes and carry the same weight, and researchers will measure fuel mileage, engine wear, and other data.

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