Signup Begins for Sow Education Series

U-M Extension is offering this new distance learning program.

The SowBridge Breeding Herd Education Series is a new distance learning program that allows pork production owners, managers and employees to increase their knowledge and skill set in breeding, gestation, and farrowing management without needing to leave the comfort of your home or farm office.

Heard of PorkBridge? This is the swine breeding herd version of the popular grow-finish series.

Once per month during your noon lunch break, participate in first-class interactive presentations from leading experts on timely topics and important issues that affect you and your livelihood every day. Stay current with new technology, research, and management techniques to aid in your day-to-day activities and the profitability of your business!

All you need is a computer equipped with a CD drive and a telephone. A CD with the upcoming presentation will be mailed to you approximately one week before the presentation. Pop your CD into your computer, call toll-free to connect with the presenter, and you are ready to go.

For more information or to register, visit to download a brochure.

The SowBridge program is brought to you by the Swine Extension groups at University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, University of Nebraska, South Dakota State University, and Ohio State University. The program begins October 3 - register by September 24 to ensure you don't miss a presentation.

For more information, contact Mark Whitney, Assistant Extension Professor Swine Extension Program Leader, University of Minnesota Extension Service, Mankato at his office (507) 389-5541 or by cell (507) 380-2644.

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