Not Enough Rain To Help Fall Tillage

Not Enough Rain To Help Fall Tillage

Harvest still ahead of 2010 and five-year average.

Rain fell last Wednesday, briefly interrupting several weeks of favorable harvest activity, according to the USDA, NASS, Minnesota Field Office.

Amounts ranged from 0.8 inch in north central and northeast areas to 0.3 inch in southwestern areas. For many locations, this was the greatest rainfall since September 4.

Despite the rain, ground conditions remained hard and dry in areas and tillage was still a concern for producers. As of October 16, topsoil moisture supplies were rated 17% very short, 39% short and 44% adequate.

Average temperatures were 7.1 degrees above normal for the week despite the arrival of cool, windy conditions by week's end. Statewide, 5.7 days were rated suitable for fieldwork.

Forty-eight percent of the state's corn was harvested, compared to 43% last year and 28% for the five-year average. The average moisture content of harvested corn was 15%. The sugarbeet harvest advanced 38 percentage points from the previous week to 54% complete, compared to 86% last year and 73% average.

The soybean and potato harvests were virtually complete. Soybeans were 96% harvested, compared to 94% last year and 76% average. The average moisture content of harvested soybeans was 10%. The potato harvest was 95% complete, compared to 97% last year and 94% average. Sunflowers were 49% harvested, compared to 73% last year and 35% average.

Pasture and range condition was rated 9% very poor, 19% poor, 37% fair, 32% good and 3% excellent.

Source: USDA-NASS Minnesota field Office
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