MPR Wants to Know Non-farming Opinions of the Farm Bill

E-mail notice sent yesterday to subscribers.

Minnesota Public Radio and the Midwest Ag Energy Network want to know what non-farming folks think about the farm bill.

I received an email from Midwest Ag Energy yesterday announcing the following:

"Minnesota Public Radio's Public Insight Network wants to hear what you have to say about how the 2007 Farm Bill will affect you, your community, and your vision for the future.
What's your stake in the farm bill? How will it affect your family and your community? Share what you know.
Beyond its size, the farm bill is notable for its complex and varied connections to many aspects of our daily lives. Here are just a few:
- It influences whether your child's school cafeteria meal includes veggies or burgers.
- It funds economic development and Internet access in rural areas.
- It helps manage and prevent wildfires.
- The farm bill also affects international trade.
Share your insights with Minnesota Public Radio.
And please pass this note along to others with insights to share."

Well, I'm sharing. I visited the website and it asks what the non-farming public thinks about the farm bill. Given the limited scope of the above questions, I figured that farmers would have a lot more to share.

Here's your chance to educate them. To share your thoughts, click HERE.

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