MPCA Awards $5.2 Million For Water-Quality Projects

MPCA Awards $5.2 Million For Water-Quality Projects

Minnesota River Basin projects will see the most funding.

Reducing phosphorus in lakes, protecting water resources, and addressing failing septic systems are among the projects funded by $5.2 million in financial aid recently approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

As funded by the Clean Water Partnership program, 10 agency partners across Minnesota will receive grants and/or loans to investigate pollutants in lakes and rivers and take action to protect waters from those pollutants.

The following projects will begin this spring and continue for three years:

•"Neighborhood Lakes Management Plans," city of Eagan, $167,000 grant, Minnesota River Basin;

MPCA Awards $5.2 Million For Water-Quality Projects

•"Chippewa River Accelerated Restoration," Chippewa County, $900,000 loan, Minnesota River Basin;

•"Heron Lake TMDL Phosphorus Reduction Project," Heron Lake Watershed District, $450,000 loan, Des Moines River Basin;

•"Kanabec Water Resources Protection Project," Kanabec Soil and Water Conservation District, $201,892 grant, St. Croix River Basin;

•"Lake McCarrons Subwatershed Best Management Practices Project," Capitol Region Watershed District, $275,000 grant, Upper Mississippi River Basin;

•"Lower Sauk-Metro Area Water Quality Protection," Sauk River Watershed District, $298,000 grant and $150,000 loan, Upper Mississippi River Basin;

•"Protecting North and South Fork Yellow Bank River," Lac Qui Parle-Yellow Bank Watershed District, $260,900 grant and $370,000 loan, Minnesota River Basin;

•"Snake River Watershed Resource Protection Project," Snake River Watershed Management Board, $400,000 loan, St. Croix River Basin;

•"Steele County Septic System Loan Program," Steele County, $700,000 loan, Lower Mississippi/ Cedar River Basin

•"Targeting BMPs in the Crow River Watershed," Crow River Organization of Water, $1.1 million loan, Upper Mississippi River Basin.

Created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1987, the Clean Water Partnership program provides financial and technical assistance to diagnose and address threats to water resources. The next funding round will begin this fall.

For more information, visit the MPCA website at or contact Peter Fastner, Clean Water Partnership Coordinator, MPCA, 520 Lafayette Rd. N., Saint Paul, MN 55155 (phone 651-757-2349, email [email protected]).

Source: MPCA
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