March Corn, Soybeans Average Prices Up

March Corn, Soybeans Average Prices Up

Milk prices down at $18.40 per cwt.

Prices received by Minnesota farmers for corn for March averaged $6.30 per bushel, an increase of $0.25 from the February price according to the USDA-NASS Minnesota Field Office. Soybeans were up $1.00 to a March price of $13.00 per bushel.

The all milk price for March, at $18.40 per cwt., was down $0.20 from February.

The U.S. All Farm Products Index of Prices Received by Farmers in March, at 186%, based on 1990-92=100, is up 2.8% from the February index. The Crop Index is 213, up 3.9% from February. The Livestock & Products Index, at 161, is up 1.9% from February.

Source: USDA-NASS Minnesota Field Office
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