Johnson Named International Seed Federation President

Johnson Named International Seed Federation President

Tim Johnson of Lafayette, Ind., to take lead of the International Seed Federation.

During the International Seed Federation's World Seed Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Tim Johnson of Lafayette, Ind., was elected president.

ISF facilitates the international movement of seed, related know-how and technology; mobilizes and represents the global seed industry; informs its members and promotes the interests and image of the seed industry.

In his acceptance speech, Johnson said he was looking forward to working with the ISFI staff, Executive Committee and members.

Johnson told Congress participants that he will use the three guiding principles that drive IFSI during his two-year tenure as president:  find the win-win, make money and have fun.

After being elected International Seed Federation president, Tim Johnson (left) thanks Bernard Le Buanec (right), past ISF Secretary General and Honorary Life Member, for his work and leadership.

"Global movement of seed impacts us all and we have to work hard to make sure seed gets to farmers around the world," Johnson said. "To do this, we need good consistent intellectual property laws to support innovation.

"This will only allow us to continue innovating, bringing new products to the marketplace — helping to provide food, feed, fiber and fuel that we all depend on," Johnson said.

"It's an honor and opportunity to have a representative from the U.S. seed industry taking such an important leadership role to work on behalf of the global seed industry," said Andy LaVigne, American Seed Trade Association president and chief executive officer. "Tim does outstanding work and I'm confident that he'll move the global seed industry forward, while keeping all interests in mind."

Johnson, IFSI SGI Division president, has been an active member of ISF, participating in several committees and most recently serving as first and second vice chairs, each two year terms. At the national level, he has served as chairman of ASTA's Corn and Sorghum Seed Division, ASTA Board of Directors liaison to ISF and been active on numerous committees. Additionally, Johnson has served on the Board of Directors for the American Seed Research Foundation and U.S. Grains Council.

Johnson began his work in the seed industry in 1976 as an hourly employee with AgriPro Biosciences, Inc. He joined IFSI in 1993 where he started as vice president of marketing. IFSI is a leading research, product development, licensing and production company serving the seed industry.

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