Funding Available To Grand-Pearl-Mill Creek Subwatershed Landowners

Funding Available To Grand-Pearl-Mill Creek Subwatershed Landowners

Water from the subwatershed flows into the Sauk River and eventually into Mississippi. Efforts are ongoing to improve water quality in the Mississippi River Basin.

The Grand-Pearl-Mill Creek Sub-Watershed, part of the Sauk River Watershed, has been approved to receive nearly $200,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture because water sampling has indicated that high levels of nutrients may be entering the Sauk River, and ultimately the Mississippi River.

Funding Available To Grand-Pearl-Mill Creek Subwatershed Landowners

Through the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative, the Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide technical and financial assistance to landowners and producers to voluntarily adopt and implement conservation practices that avoid, control, and trap nutrient runoff while maintaining agricultural productivity on their farm.

Many conservation practices are available through the MRBI including feedlot improvements, nutrient management, crop residue management, grassed waterways, water and sediment basins, irrigation water management, and prescribed grazing. In addition, practices like Corn Stalk Nitrate Evaluation and Replicated Strip Trial via the "On-Farm Network" are offered to help landowners and producers improve nitrogen management on corn, while reducing the impact to ground and surface waters.

The Grand Lake Association, Pearl Lake Association, and the Sauk River Watershed District are partners in the cooperative efforts between local producers, agencies and lake properties to reduce pollutants from entering our waters and the environment.  Many efforts have been accomplished recently throughout the watershed including septic system upgrades, lakeshore restorations, stormwater management, erosion control projects and implementing buffers.  The partnering associations and agencies are interested in providing assistance and incentives as needed to reduce nutrient input into these waters.

New Mississippi River Basin Project Selected in Minnesota

Deadlines to remember are:

• July 27 is the application acceptance deadline.

• August 3 is the eligibility deadline.

For sign up or for more information, please visit the USDA Service Center in Waite Park or call 320.251.7800 ext.3.


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