FSA County Elections Underway

It's important that producers participate in Farm Service Agency committee elections.

Producers should have received ballots in the mail for the election of the county Farm Service Agency committee. One-third of the county delegates are up for election, and eligible voters are producers who participate or cooperate with FSA programs.

"County committees are composed of between three to five producers in the county," says FSA's Glen Keppy. "They are area people that represent that county and make sure the government programs that come down to rural America are implemented in an equitable and fair fashion."

If producers have not received a ballot in the mail, Keppy urges them to contact their local FSA office to obtain a ballot.

"We strongly recommend that every farmer and rancher get out and vote, because it is very important your county is represented by people you choose," Keppy says.

Ballots can be submitted to local FSA offices in person or by mail. Voting must be done before Dec. 3. Elected committee members will take office on Jan. 1, 2008. For more information about the Farm Service Agency county elections, click HERE.

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