Comment Period For Proposed BAH Rules Changes Ends Thursday

Comment Period For Proposed BAH Rules Changes Ends Thursday

Proposed changes address importation, vaccinations, animal inspections.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health is proposing changes to the existing rules as they apply to animal health. The Dual Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules was published in the State Register on July 23. The comment period ends Thursday, August 23.

The proposed rules would clarify requirements for livestock producers, dealers/buyers, sales managers, veterinarians, and exhibitions. Major components of the proposed rule include:

-Requiring identification of breeding cattle prior to importation, intrastate movement, exhibition and sale

-Requiring a permit prior to importation of breeding cattle

-Reducing restrictions on the use of Johne's Disease vaccine in cattle

Comment Period For Proposed BAH Rules Changes Ends Thursday

-Prohibiting importation of feral swine

-Requiring live bird markets to be permitted, inspected, cleaned, disinfected and tested for avian influenza

-Establishing requirements for intrastate movement of farmed deer and elk

-Increasing chronic wasting disease surveillance requirements to five years for importation of deer and elk

-Establishing that the Board may require testing or vaccination of animals when necessary for purposes of disease prevention, control, and eradication.

Submit any comments or questions on the rules or written requests for a public hearing to the agency contact person:

Dr. Beth S. Thompson
625 Robert Street N
St. Paul, MN 55155
[email protected]

Source: Minnesota BAH

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