soybean leaves showing dicamba damage Bruce Potter, U-M
AVOID INJURY TO 2018 BEANS: Last growing season, some Minnesota soybean farmers saw dicamba injury in their fields. Dicamba training is required for all those applying the herbicide this year in Minnesota.

Take dicamba training online

Individuals applying the new dicamba herbicides for the 2018 growing season must be trained to do so, and the training is now available online.

Do you still need training or certification to apply dicamba?

For the 2018 growing season in Minnesota, special training is needed to use the new dicamba products. Specifically, these dicamba products are: Engenia herbicide, FeXapan herbicide plus VaporGrip Technology, and Xtendimax with VaporGrip Technology.

If you haven’t been trained yet this year for dicamba, or if you still need to be certified or licensed to use restricted-use pesticides, University of Minnesota Extension specialists note in a recent blog post that dicamba training is now offered online.

You can find links to all three online trainings at the Minnesota Crop Production Retailers' dicamba training sessions calendar webpage.

Training is offered by all three dicamba manufacturers: BASF, DowDuPont and Monsanto.

Attending one training qualifies you to apply all three products. Your training does not have to be offered by the manufacturer whose product you apply.

If you won’t use dicamba, you don’t need training.

It is the manufacturer’s job to tell the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that you have completed training.

For other questions, begin at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's  dicamba FAQ page.

Additional certification, licensure
Here are a few more answers to dicamba certification questions.

Do you still need to get licensed or certified to apply restricted-use pesticides, including dicamba? The three dicamba products mentioned above are restricted-use pesticides, so you will still need a private (farmer) pesticide certification or a pesticide applicator license (commercial or noncommercial) to buy and use dicamba. This is in addition to the dicamba training.

Definition of private applicators: This certification is for people who are farmers, or apply restricted-use pesticides to land they own, rent or manage for agricultural production.

You may take your exam online.This is the fastest way to become certified, as you will see your results immediately and receive a temporary certificate to be used until your card arrives in the mail.

You may also take a mail-in exam. 2018 test packets and manuals are available at most local Extension county offices. 2018 mail-in exams must be postmarked no later than Oct. 31.

Keep in mind that in Minnesota, dicamba cannot be applied after June 20.

Study manuals can be purchased at most county Extension offices. The manual is also free online in PDF form.

There is a webpage of MDA's details for private, commercial and noncommercial applicator certification.

Source: U-M Extension Minnesota Crop News

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