online Minnesota map with red, yellow, orange patches
RISK GAUGE: Yellow, orange and red patches on this Minnesota map indicate a risk for manure runoff when using the online Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast tool.

Time manure applications with the weather

New online forecasting tool offered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the National Weather Service.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has teamed up with the National Weather Service to design an online tool that helps farmers and commercial applicators determine the best time to apply manure.

The Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast tool uses past and predicted National Weather Service weather data like precipitation, temperature and snowmelt. It predicts the likelihood that applied manure will run off fields in daily, next-day and 72-hour increments. Farmers and commercial applicators use an interactive map to locate their field and find the forecasted risk. Users can also sign up for email or text messages for their county that alert them to a severe runoff risk for that day.

MDA Commissioner Dave Frederickson says the forecast tool is one way to help farmers and commercial manure applicators make informed decisions about application timing.

“By being able to better predict times of high runoff risk, we can decrease the potential loss of manure to our waterways and increase farm productivity by saving nutrients on the land,” Frederickson says. “It is a win-win situation based on an easy-to-use tool.”

When looking at the interactive map, the runoff risk is displayed in one of four categories: no runoff expected, low, moderate and severe. When the risk is moderate or severe, it is recommended that the applicator evaluate the situation to determine if there are other locations or later dates when the manure application could take place.

The forecasting tool can also be used by others looking for climate information, including 2-inch soil depth temperatures, which are useful at planting time, as well as 6-inch soil depth temperatures, which are helpful when determining fall fertilizer application in appropriate areas.

To access the forecasting tool and map, go to

The Minnesota Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast is part of a larger federal project. The National Weather Service has provided data and guidance to states to create similar tools in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. State funding for the project was provided by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy amendment.

Source: Minnesota Department of Agriculture


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