farmers at Peterson Farms Seed field day
NEW SEED: Farmers check out new soybean varieties during Peterson Farms Seed field day.

8 new corn hybrids from Peterson Farms Seed

Petersons Farms Seed introduces new hybrids and features to its Promise+ program.

The Peterson Farms Seed’s 2019 corn lineup includes eight new hybrids.

They are:

• 71V81 VT2PRO. Good girth and Goss’s wilt rating. Ideal fit on tough and variable soils. Great stalk and roots for an extended harvest window. Very early to flower and reach black layer.

• 76Q86 VT2PRO. Very good stalk and root package. Good performance across tough environments for yield. Strong Goss’s wilt rating. This hybrid expresses a lot of girth.

• 33B88 3120 E-Z. A consistently high-yielding hybrid with excellent agronomics. Widely adapted from east to west. Very good stalk, root and plant health. Shows great dual-purpose potential.

• 79N94 VT2PRO. Great Goss’s wilt rating. Superior yield potential. Very good stalk and root strength. Great emergence and early season growth. Best performance in-zone and in the north.

• 78G95 VT2PRO. Top performance across a wide range of environments. Produces long, flex ears with high kernel row counts. Exhibits very good stay-green and late-season intactness. Nicknamed the ‘Screamer’ because of its high yield potential.

• 89C99 SmartStax. Works well in both variable and ideal environments. Good upper-end yield potential on high management acres. Strong performance in the central and west regions of North and South Dakota. This hybrid’s stature suggests dual purpose play.

• 87A01 SmartStax. If you like 81W01 you will love this one. Excellent eye appeal with very good stalk and root strength. Great early season vigor.

• 81X02 SmartStax. Good disease package. Excellent Goss’s wilt tolerance. Best positioned in relative maturity zone.

Peterson Farms Seeds’ incentive and rewards program, Promise+, has included 0% financing, cash rebates and “thank you” gifts. Promise+ financing can be paired with a farmer’s local bank. Currently, over 100 banking locations have signed up as partners.

New this year: Promise+ Points can be carried over and can be redeemed through a dealer for a wide variety of items including industrial cleaning equipment, ATVs, a gun, a snowmobile, motorcycles, drones, Rangers, and even a Polaris Slingshot.

For more information, call Peterson Farms Seed’s Prosper, N.D. office at 866-481-7333 or visit

Source: Peterson Farms Seed

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