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IT’S BACK: The national beef campaign “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” is back, and Minnesota beef producers support the relaunch.

Minnesota backs relaunch of ‘Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.’ ad campaign

The trend continues, with consumers wanting to learn more about those who produce their beef.

Minnesota consumers are learning more about how their beef is raised — and more ways to prepare it — through the relaunched “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” advertising campaign.

First created 25 years ago, Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner., is now reaching new audiences in Minnesota and across the nation.

The effort blends assets from the original brand — such as Aaron Copland’s famous “Hoe-down” movement from his “Rodeo” ballet music — with new creative elements, and incorporates stories about the farmers and ranchers who raise beef. At the center of the brand relaunch is a comprehensive website,, as well as a 90-second video telling the beef production story, titled “Rethink the Ranch.” These assets have been promoted through social media and digital advertising, and made available to state beef councils to extend the campaign and brand.

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Beef Council is capitalizing the advertising relaunch by adopting many of the campaign’s elements, and extending its reach. Consumers will be seeing new videos and digital advertising, as well as a new logo and an updated website launching in early 2018.

“This campaign is a great opportunity to join forces with our national beef checkoff partners and create messages that resonate with consumers, both here in Minnesota and across the nation,” says Karin Schaefer, executive director of the Minnesota Beef Council. “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. has had a special place in the minds and hearts of consumers everywhere, and this relaunch is both rekindling that special relationship and providing additional information of value to those who love beef.”

Of special interest to many consumers has been the campaign’s “Rethink the Ranch” anthem video and related video spots, showcasing real, hardworking farmers and ranchers from around the country. Nationally, the videos have generated more than 765,000 video views to date and reached more than 3.5 million consumers. State beef councils have downloaded various Rethink the Ranch content for use on their own social media properties, and through other consumer and thought leader outreach.

“Part of our beef checkoff mission in Minnesota is to make sure we utilize beef checkoff dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible,” Schaefer says. “Using elements of such a popular and well-recognized national campaign in what we do here makes tremendous sense for our cattlemen and women.”

The Minnesota Beef Council was established in 1967 to administer the beef checkoff program on behalf of beef farmers and ranchers in Minnesota. The checkoff focuses on conducting research, education and promotion programs about beef and beef products.

For more information about the council, visit or call 763-479-1011.

Source: Minnesota Beef Council


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