aerial view of Gar-Lin Dairy, Eyota, Minn. U-M College of Veterinary Medicine
TRAINING GROUND: The 1,950-cow herd at Gar-Lin Dairy has provided University of Minnesota veterinary students with hands-on opportunities to learn about dairy cattle herd health.

Gar-Lin Dairy to receive appreciation award

U-M College of Veterinary Medicine will present the award April 12 at its annual herd health conference.

The University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine will honor Gar-Lin Dairy Farms as recipients of its 2017 Dairy Appreciation Award.

The award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the dairy industry, and for supporting the college’s education and research missions. CVM’s Dairy Production Medicine Group selects the recipient each year by vote.

Gar-Lin Dairy Farm, Eyota, is a multigeneration farm owned by Gary and Linda Allen and their children, Dean Allen and Dana Allen-Tully. The dairy operation has 44 full-time employees and five part-time employees.

LONGTIME COLLABORATORS: Linda and Gary Allen (seated) and their children, Dean Allen and Dana Allen-Tully (standing), have worked with scientists and veterinarians at the University of Minnesota for more than a decade. (Photo: U-M College of Veterinary Medicine)

The dairy consists of 1,950 cows. The herd is 77% Holstein and 27% crossbreds. Crosses include Holstein, Swedish Red and Montebéliarde. It has a rolling herd average of 32,458 pounds of milk, 1,191 pounds of fat and 974 pounds of protein.

Gar-Lin Dairy has had a collaboration with CVM for more than 14 years on faculty research projects, as well as providing opportunities for student learning. Currently, Gerard Cramer, a U-M associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, is working with the farm on a hoof trimming research project. Les Hansen, a U-M animal science professor, has collaborated with Gar-Lin Dairy on a crossbreeding study for nine years.

For many U-M veterinary students, their experience at Gar-Lin Dairy helps provide real- world training to prepare for a career in the industry.

Involvement with CVM is also a benefit to Gar-Lin, Dana Allen-Tully says.

“Our association with the vet school means that we’re involved in new discoveries and have the opportunity to learn a better way of doing something as we interact with the faculty and help the students,” she says.

The award will be presented at the awards luncheon April 12 at the Minnesota Dairy Health Conference, to be held at the U-M Continuing Education and Conference Center, 1890 Buford Ave., St. Paul. The conference, held April 11-13, is an annual event for dairy veterinarians, dairy industry professionals and dairy producers on advancements in the dairy field. Nationally renowned speakers give presentations on the latest developments in dairy production science, health management and food quality.

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Source: U-M College of Veterinary Medicine


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